Cure Women’s Libido Loss With Spanish Fly

Lack of sexual urge is one of the most common issues in our society today, occuring in a greater number of women more than men. It’s called “female sexual arousal disorder” (FSAD).

Low libido can have a negative impact on relationships and has been known to abruptly end a lot of them, which has led to a lot of women ramping up the search for different ways to overcome this problem.

Over the years, Spanish fly has been a hugely popular and — safe to assume — successful female enhancement product.
However, it is also one of the sex enhancement products that have been attached to a lot of controversies and it is
illegal in most of the European countries (Denmark, France, for instance) with the United States also included.

Thankfully, this lack of sex drive is not a permanent problem, in a lot of cases. For majority of women, it is a temporary and fleeting one with a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Only in a lesser number of women is it a resident problem which needs to be treated with the help of effective medical products and expert medical care.

(Probable) Causes of Low Sex Drive

There are a lot of things which can lead to (or indirectly cause)
low sex drive in women.

The causes are divided into two (2) main groups: psychological or physical causes. The psychological causes are the most common.

1. Physical Causes
These include:
• substance abuse
• alcoholism
• diabetes
• hormonal imbalance
• use of antidepressants and anti-seizure medications among others.

2. Psychological Causes
These are anxiety, stress, history of sexual abuse and rape, relationship issues, depression and lots more.

If the right treatment and medication is used, then
low libido can be increased.

What Is Spanish Fly?

I know you’ll have most probably heard about Spanish fly, the world’s most popular aphrodisiac, and a rather potent one at that. Spanish fly definitely increases sexual desire — no doubt about that, but along with that, it’s also risky as it has a lot of negative effects as well, if it’s not properly administered.

It is gotten from the Spanish fly, a beetle — not a fly or a Spanish one — which is known for its aggresive blistering properties when placed in contact with skin. The aphrodisiac which is known as “Cantharides”, is gotten from beetle’s body by drying and later crushing it to powder.

Basically, it functions by irritating the genitals and urinary tract (this will be explained in great detail in the next heading).

If this sex enhancement product is regularly used, then a woman’s sex drive will experience a turnaround and they will definitely get positive results.

How Does It Work?

The active chemical responsible for the aphrodisiac effects of Spanish fly is Cantharidin, which is gotten from the “Spanish fly” beetle.

Cantharidin is a vesicant which produces blisters on the skin, on contact.

That is also its mechanism of action as an aphrodisiac.

When ingested — albeit in small, controlled doses — it irritates the lining of the urethra and the vagina, thereby increasing the flow of blood to the genitals.

In men, this irritation and resultant increase in blood flow causes the penis to engorge. This leads to a harder and longer erection. However, a painful sensation is usually felt due to the irritation of the lining of the urethra.

In females, it works almost the same way. Also, the irritation of the female genitalia causes increased blood flow to the vaginal walls and the clitoris.

This increases the sensitivity of the vagina and makes a woman more ‘receptive’.

Overall, the aphrodisiac works more effectively in women.

However, Spanish fly should be taken in controlled amounts, and preferably under medical supervision, to prevent damage to the kidneys, liver and/or intestines.

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