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I do not mean to start this article on a down note but I have some bad news. The bad news is the world does not really care about your feelings. It could not care less. It turns a blind eye to your potential. It does not really want to be bothered about your emotions or what you wanted to do or could have or should have done.

The world doesn’t care about your ideas unless you express them in a way that changes others around you to the point that their behavior starts to change. This is the objective standard of the world. It cares about results. Good enough doesn’t matter. Almost doesn’t count. Either you hit the mark or you didn’t.  Either you did it or you didn’t. That’s how exacting-and some would say-unforgiving the world can be. No wonder so many people complain how unfair life is.

Unfortunately, guys fail to attract members of the opposite sex because they operate in such a way that it seems they believe that the world cares about their feelings. They operate out of a sense of entitlement. They think that just because they are going through certain emotions or they are feeling certain things, the world should automatically care. I have some bad news for you. It does not work that way.

You see, things that happen in your mind, as long as they stay in your mind or as long as they stay in the realm of emotions, really do not count for much in this world. Do you know what will get the world to sit up and pay attention? It all boils down to the actions that you take. There is a certain logic to it. First of all, your emotions are subjective. Only you are aware of them. Only you can actually size them up clearly, identify them and clearly communicate them.

If you are like most people, you even have difficulty accurately sizing them up and expressing them. Given this reality, it is no surprise that potential only goes so far. In fact as far as a lot of people are concerned, it does not go far at all. You can talk a big game about how much potential you have. You can you can make a big deal of your highest limits and how far you could go.

But this is just all empty talk. You have to understand that everybody has a mouth. Accordingly, most people can brag if they want to. Most people can boast and talk a big game. But let us face it. Talk is cheap. If you want to truly succeed in all areas of your life, the key part of this is your ability to attract members of the opposite sex. You need to listen up and pay attention to action. This is the key.

If you somehow, someway cannot take action, then your life is going to pass you by. Maybe, you are operating out of fear or maybe you are thinking with the wrong set of assumptions. Whatever the case may be, you end up holding yourself back from taking action. The world will continue not to reward you. No action means no success. This is why it is always a good idea if you are trying to hook up with the ladies, perform better in bed or attract any kind of attention to take action.

Another problem is when guys have so much pride that they think that the whole process of actually going out there and getting laid seems beneath them. They laugh at the guys who go through the whole process and put in the time and effort to get what they are looking for. They laugh and dismiss these guys but they can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when they see these guys hook up left and right with great-looking women. Talk about pointless and empty pride.

It seems like it is quite and really straightforward but it is not. A lot of people have all sorts of justifications, excuses and blame finding behavior that they operate with a particular complex. They create this narrative surrounding their lives. This narrative essentially eats into their ability to take action. It is kind of like a mental cancer. You cannot see it, but you can definitely see its effects on people.

It is really quite sad because if you want to hook up, feel good and achieve great things, you have to take action. No action means no success. So how do you get around this? What is the work around? What is the solution? Well, there is quite a shortcut here. Use physical triggers. These can take chemical forms, food supplement forms and other forms as well.

Spanish Fly fits into this because it has a long tradition of enabling guys to improve their libido as well as that of their partners. If anything you read into the Spanish Fly all sorts of signals that trigger you to take action. At the very least, you are in an emotional state that is upbeat, positive and filled with a sense of possibility. Accordingly, in such a state, it is more likely for you to take action. Compare that with you being depressed and feeling that nothing in this world is possible. Which state would you rather be in?

Other physical triggers that you could use involve the sports cars, great clothing and cologne. These are just props. Basically, they tell your inner processes and inner reality creator that you should take action. I am a firm believer that it does not really matter how you trigger yourself into action.

Maybe Spanish Fly would do the trick well for you. On the other hand, may be a new sports car will give you the proper motivation. At the end of the day, it does not really matter whether the cat is black or white or has spots. What matters is whether or not the cat can catch mice. Do yourself a big favor, start taking action today and you will be surprised as to how much success you are capable of producing.

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